Sightings from 2021 on

Here are the sightings of something unexplained in Loch Ness reported from 2021 on - over twenty years into the 21st Century and people are still reporting activity at Loch Ness

Please note - since the beginning of the Covid crisis, many sightings that we are posting are from the Loch Ness Webcam. For reasons outwith the control of the camera operators, the resolution of some of the images from the camera has at times been less than it was previously. As such, it has been more difficult to identify what some images submitted are, so while they have been listed here to allow others to decide what they think, this is because they fit with the 'unexplained' rule that we work with - however, we do recognise that better resolution of images might have made it easier to identify what folk have seen!



Total for year - 8 so far

19 July - a man and his daughter visiting from Chester reported seeing an unidentified movement in the loch. They were hillwalking above Fort Augustus and made the sighting at 3.20pm. They said a cruise boat had passed some 20 minutes earlier but that there was no boat activity at the time of the sighting.

2 June - A young man visiting from Cambridge saw an unidentified creature for two seconds in Urquhart bay close to the castle on Wednesday 2 June around 1.30pm while scanning the loch surface with binoculars from the Castle site. He said a hump came up going against the waves, looking like a turtle's back, black in colour with a green tinge to it. He reported that the weather was warm and sunny with excellent visibility. 

26 March - Roslyn Casey from Leeds was watching the webcam at 17.46 and captured the image below. LIke many, although she has in the past visited the loch, Roslyn has been carrying out the search via the web since the beginning of lockdown and the travel restrictions that have been in place in the UK


17 March - Kalynn Wangle caught another glimpse of something unknown at the loch - she explained "On March 17th at 16:15 a very large dark shape appears to be swimming from left to right at the very front of the shore. It seems to be making a wave for a bit, and either surfaces for a second or is just under the surface.  At 16:17 it goes behind the tree on the right, and doesn't pop back up".

A video of what Kalynn captured online is on YouTube

12 March 2021 - Eoin O'Fagan caught sight of something unexplained on the webcam. He said:

"I captured some footage off the webcam at 17.08 today, 12/03/21. There was disturbance of water and a wake is also visible with a black shape is seen rising up and down, as it moves slowly across the screen and disappears under the letter h of the same word.

2 smaller black shapes appeared, close together and I caught this odd looking image on a screenshot (below).I did not see any boats, at the time of sighting. There seemed to be a lot of action on the water around the object even though it moved slowly."

Youcan see the video he took on YouTube


22 January 2021 - again Eoin O'Fagan caught sight of something unexplained on the webcam - it was very similar to the 19 January sighting. He explained:

"I just went into the webcam at 2.11 pm and immediately saw what I could make out was 2 objects splashing around in the bay about 100 feet apart.They were 2 black objects throwing up a lot of water, and from the distance were large looking in the water. Then the one on the right submerged, and then came up again.The one on the left did the same thing intermittently. They were visible for up to 3 minutes, and then there was nothing.They could have been a couple of feet out of the water and maybe a dozen feet long." 

This is a still of what he saw:

4 mins after viewing the sighting he also briefly spotted a black shape a few hundred yards  further up the loch from the area of interest and took a screenshot of this image. The result is shown below:


19 January 2021 - long time Nessie watcher Eoin O'Fagan caught sight of something unexplained on the webcam at 2.20pm local time. He said that it was visible for about 20 minutes but he managed to get a recording of it for 3 and a half minutes. He also explained that it was coming in and out of view for 20 minutes and watched the webcam till dark confirming that there was definitely no boat traffic in the area. This is a still of what he captured:

11 January 2021 - at 11.42am, regular webcam watcher Kalynn Wangle  noticed a "V" shaped wake close to the left front side of the loch shore while watching the cam, and less than 10 seconds later, she saw something black surface for only about a second before it disappeared. She watched the footage a few times, and reported it as looking like black object is swimming out from behind the tree that cover the view of the shore. You can see more at https://youtu.be/n--ByFl_Gpo


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