Lake Monsters Worldwide

If you research it carefully enough, there are hundreds of lakes across the world that have a history of Nessie-like sightings. Possibly the most famous are Lake Champlain in the USA and Lake Okanagan in Canada - the homes of Champ and Ogopogo respectively.

This section of the register allows people who see something out with Scotland to list their sighting. There are lots of other websites and social media pages associated with Nessie's overseas cousins so we are not trying to list every sighting of every lake monster ever - it's just a place that acts as a catch all for those sightings that may otherwise go untold. If you've seen something and want us to add it, please get in touch here


Lake Allatoona, GA USA

9 March 2016

Peyton Berry and his freind Mitchell Addison reported seeing a creature with a Dinosaur head and a long neck on the lake.


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