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Other Scottish Lochs

Loch Lomond

Known as 'Lomie' there have been a number of reported sightings of Nessie's southern cousin.  One example was in 1968 on the 7th of July when Mrs Jean Rivans and her family of Garnethill, Glasgow reported that they saw something large with humps swimming about 200 yards from the shore on the east side of the loch. She was so concerned that she reported it to the police in nearby Dumbarton. However, here's a more recent experience


13 April 2018 - a lady on holiday from Northampton reported seeing 20 foot movement in the calm water at around 2pm. She was in the passenger seat in a car so couldn't take any pictures but she said as it raised from the water, it looked like a crocodile's back - she reprted that it really scared her. The sighting only lasted a few seconds

Loch Morlich

In October 1969 four pupils and their teacher on a school trip reported a creature in the water that had 'a long snake like appearance'. It dropped and disappeared into the loch. The teacher, Miss Vasu Der, said that 'it looked like a big python'.

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