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Loch Lomond

Known as 'Lomie' there have been a number of reported sightings of Nessie's southern cousin.  One example was in 1968 on the 7th of July when Mrs Jean Rivans and her family of Garnethill, Glasgow reported that they saw something large with humps swimming about 200 yards from the shore on the east side of the loch. She was so concerned that she reported it to the police in nearby Dumbarton. However, here's a more recent experience


13 April 2018 - a lady on holiday from Northampton reported seeing 20 foot movement in the calm water at around 2pm. She was in the passenger seat in a car so couldn't take any pictures but she said as it raised from the water, it looked like a crocodile's back - she reprted that it really scared her. The sighting only lasted a few seconds

Loch Garry

Loch Garry is near the Great Glen in Scotland where Loch Ness is located.


20 May 2018 - at 1230 hours approx, Harry and Tanya on holiday from Australia repsrted seeing a serpent like creature in the water as they passed by on the road to Fort William. The sighting took place near the Glen Garry sign and the twin humped creature was about 100m out from the shore. They estimated that it was about 20-30 metres in length and the sighting lasted about 10 seconds.


Loch Morlich

In October 1969 four pupils and their teacher on a school trip reported a creature in the water that had 'a long snake like appearance'. It dropped and disappeared into the loch. The teacher, Miss Vasu Der, said that 'it looked like a big python'.

Loch Arkaig

Bruce Rae of Kelso was visiting in the summer of 1982 when he described the following:

Around 4am, for ten seconds in weather coditions that were Dry, with no or a Slight Breeze andwoth surface Conditions being Flat Calm, at the western end of Loch Arkaig 


Our Story.


Hi, my name is Bruce Rae. This is an account of an experience Jim Pringle and I had at the Western end of Loch Arkaig in the summer of 1982. Jim and I set up camp in a ruin on the Northern shore of Loch Arkaig next to where the river comes in to the head of the Loch. We camped in an old style 3 to 4 man, non-midge proof orange tent that stood about 5 foot to the peak. Our view from the tent was of the sandy bay at the Western end of Loch Arkaig.


We had originally planned to stay for 2 weeks but the near constant wet weather after the day we arrived forced us to change our plans. We had fishing gear and 2 canoes with us to explore the Loch. Our experience started around 4am the following morning. Being a non-midge proof tent we were hassled by midges all night, neither of us slept well or much. Around 4am I decided to get up and go check some fishing rods we had cast out the evening before. I thought Jim was asleep so I tried to make as little noise as possible so as not to wake him up. I have no memory of making any noise, as I opened the tent door something 300 to 400 yards in the bay across the Loch from us started moving East. It created a huge white water bow wave as it went, that was visible to me in the morning twilight. It hadn't travelled more than 25 yards before Jim asked me "What's that?" I had no idea what I was looking at, so I told him "I don't know." Jim had been alerted by the sound of rushing water from the bow wave of this creature.

To give you some idea of my background. I have been obsessed with fish my entire life. I have worked in Fish Farming for years both in Scotland and Australia. I have seen the bow waves that come from massive Siamese Giant Carp in the Bangkok Zoo in Thailand and I have worked with and seen the bow waves of 60lbs plus Murray Cod in ponds in Australia. The bow wave I was looking at on Loch Arkaig that morning was massive compared to any huge fish I've seen up to this point in my life. I would estimate the bow wave I was looking at on Loch Arkaig that morning was 1.5 to 2 feet high and was moving fast. In my opinion this was definitely a creature designed to swim in water and I would estimate had the bulk of a small cow.


There was no wind that morning, there might have been a slight breeze. It was a twilight time of the morning, so I could easily see the white water being produced by the creature's bow wave. I was able to make out large shadow features on the far bank. If there was anything protruding from the white water bow wave I was unable to recognise it. The speed that this creature moved through the water was quite incredible, it was definitely no swimming deer. If I had to give the bow wave a speed of movement I'd say it was close to a fast walking /slow running pace. Only a creature designed to live in water could have created it, in my opinion. From memory the gutter in the bay that the creature was swimming in was between 12 and 20 feet deep, this was not a deer running along the bottom in shallow water.

The creature travelled East along the Loch for around 200 to 300 yards before the bow wave stopped. I was able to make out the shadow of a rock face on the far bank that marked the end of the bow wave. When we went out in the canoes that line was where the shallow water stopped and the deep water drop off began. When the bow wave wake made it to our shore the waves were still about 6 to 8 inches high as they lapped on our shore.

Things that may or may not be relevant. Jim was 21 and I was 19 years old at the time. We had no alcohol or drugs with us (neither of us take drugs), we might have been high on midge bites. There were marks in the sand all over the bay where the creature had left from, personally I think they were most likely created by someone dragging a light anchor while fishing to slow the drift of their fishing boat in a wind.

There are 2 possibilities that I can come up with. The first being a Sturgeon, but why would an aquatic fish be spooked by me opening a tent door in the half-light 300 yards away, yes it could be pure coincidence that this creature started moving almost the exact moment I opened the tent door. The second possibility could be a seal, perhaps a seal that had been shot at a few times might be timid enough to bolt for safety. We stayed another 3 nights and never once saw the creature or any sign of a seal. The Western end of Loch Arkaig is about as far from the sea as it's possible to get for a sturgeon or a seal. In my opinion this creature was definitely panicked, it's speed didn't pulse, like a land animal swimming and it never faltered from the start of its swim till it found the deep water.

In my opinion, this was no otter, an otter could never have made the bow wave that I saw. Nor a deer, a deer could never have swam at the speed this creature swam at. No fish that is known to inhabit Loch Arkaig, even a 5 foot pike could never have created this bow wave.

Every now and then Jim and I take this memory out of the box and relook at it together, we still have never made any sense of what we experienced that morning and almost get to the point of disregarding it but the we still come back to the same point. Whether we can make sense of it or not - it still happened.


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