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Pictured above are from L to R, Willie Cameron, Steve Feltham, Gary Campbell, Adrian Shine. This was taken at the launch of the Jacobite Rebel cruise boat on the loch in August 2015. It's said that getting four Nessie experts togther is a rarer sight than the monster herself.........


Below is a list of brave souls who have dedicated large parts of their lives to searching for monsters at Loch Ness and elsewhere. We've kept this list to those who are still active today - if we've missed some, please let us know. If you want to know more about what they do, it's best just to google or bing them. As they all bring something special to the story, for fairness we've listed them in alphabetical order by surname.....

Andy Bain - the A Bain archives were critical in the compilation of the list from 1986 onwards

Henry Bauer - Henry's book gave us the complete list of sightings up to 1985

Gary Campbell - Registrar of Sightings at the loch and supplier of information for this website

Steuart Campbell - has written extensively on Loch Ness

Willie Cameron - 'Mr Loch Ness' promotes Nessie tirelessly - was voted Highland Tourism Ambassador of the Year in 2005

Loren Coleman - the world's top Cryptozoologist and speaker at 'Loch Ness 1999'. Runs Cryptomundo

George Edwards - skipper, spotter and self confessed faker, discovered the deepest part of the loch in 1990s

Steve Feltham - longest vigil on record and Nessie expert. Runs Nessie-sery Research from Dores by the loch and was voted Highland Tourism Ambassador of the Year in 2016 after spending 25 years at the loch

Mark Fraser - the Mark Fraser archive has helped fill those missing years on this website and given access to some earlier sightings via the clippings service that was run for many years by Andreas Trottman

Tony Harmsworth - founder of the Loch Ness Monster exhibition and has written extensively on Loch Ness

Gordon Holmes - has conducted the most recent searches for Nessie

William Jobes - A regular visitor ot the Loch and one time member of the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau, William continues the search and has reported two sightings - one in 2011 and one in 2015, both with picture evidence

Scott Justice - a long time Nessie enthusiast whose archives give a great insight into 1970's nessie thinking

John Kirk - Canadian cryptozoologist and author and founder of the bcscc

David Martin-Jones - expert on films of Nessie

Dr Charles Paxton - has carried out statistical research on Nessie sightings

Gordon Rutter - expert on photographic evidence of Nessie

Dick Raynor - LNIB member and still active at Loch Ness today

Adrian Shine - founder of the Loch Ness Project

Mikko Takala - founder of the oldest Nessie website - 'Nessie on the Net'

Roland Watson - blogs and writes extensively on Loch Ness - author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness

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